Viparspectra 600w grow journal

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter NewGrow91 Start date Aug 17, NewGrow91 Member. Wanted to see what the best hanging height for light would be for this light.

viparspectra 600w grow journal

Thanks in advance. NewGrow91 said:. Can you get us some pictures going? They'll be incredibly helpful for us to give proper advice. Without pictures, all I can do is guess but I have a few ideas. It's likely the "bleaching" you're experiencing is actually nutrient burn.

It's quite common for people starting out, they water every day or multiple times a day even and it causes a wide variety of problems.

viparspectra 600w grow journal

Seedlings don't need much water or nutrients. If you're planting seedlings into something "hot" like Fox Farm's Ocean Forest you're almost guaranteed to burn your plants with excess nutrients.

Viparspectra 600 Watt LED Grow Light – Pictures, Specs, and More

Unless you have that LED light directly against your seedlings, no way you're experiencing bleaching on your seedlings with a light that's only w. Stick with full intensity, and consider grabbing another one of those lights for flower. Those lights are notoriously mediocre, at best, but they'll work.

NewGrow91 What you are seeing is perfectly normal. Oh okay so the yellowing is not a problem for my girls? I raised the light about 5inches as I was told it was to close and was bleaching them? Correct that is not a problem, and it is not an indication of a problem.

You will be told endless bullshit, get used to it, best to take advice from people who can show you the money. It's all very confusing now and you may think everyone knows what they are doing but mostly it's just pretence.

If you follow my sig link you can decide whether or not to trust my judgement.These days, the LED grow light industry has matured from both a product and marketing perspective. One popular player in the industry is Viparspectra, a Chinese company whose lights are popular for beginner growers. This is a long and meaty review piece, so if you just want the quick take on Viparspectra as a brand, here it is:. Overall, Viparspectra LED grow lights are a solid choice for beginner and mid-tier growers.

They offer LED lights at an affordable price point, partially because the manufacturer themselves are selling these lights instead of going through a wholesaler or distributor. On top of that, they offer a 3-year warranty and a day exchange, money back, or repair policy for any lights that stop working in 30 days, which gives a buyer a lot of flexibility on a dud light.

While there are objectively better LED grow lights on the market, Viparspectra themselves state that they aim to be mid-market for hobbyist and intermediate growers, and I think they occupy that space well. They use chips in the following spectrum ranges:. To protect against that, the better companies offer a warranty that covers any initial light failures.

The best companies offer even more protection than that. Here is the standard warranty that Viparspectra provides, found on all of its products :. We offer three years warranty for all of our products purchased against manufacturing defects, from the date of purchase. If you need warranty assistance, please contact us as soon as possible. A Exchange. We will email you a pre-paid return label, please ship the light back to our USA warranty center.

VIPARSPECTRA 600w Reflector Series LED Grow Light Review

A replacement will be sent to you for free as soon as we receive the defective light. B Money back. You will get your money back as soon as we receive the defective light. C Repairing. Or we will email you a pre-paid return label to bring light back, then ship back to you after we repair it. All for free. For buyers outside of the USA, if any lights stop working within 30 days, you can choose:. Please ship the light back to our warehouse, buyer pays return shipping.

If a light is sent in with damage that is not covered under warranty, we may still be able to perform warranty service, however that is at our discretion and repairs may bear a cost which will be assessed prior to repairing the light.

viparspectra 600w grow journal

Our company reserve the interpretation right of this warranty structure. If you have any questions about our warranty policy, please contact us. True to its name, the Reflector-Series is a line of lights from Viparspectra that offer built-in reflectors to help direct all of the light down towards your plant canopy instead of scattering it around your grow tent or grow room.

The most popular lights in the Reflector-Series are the w and the w models, mostly due to the fact that most growers are in the mid-range as far as the size of their grow goes. Larger growers will often buy a few w or w models and run them instead of opting for the w or w model. All of them come with the following:. See Prices. The Dimmable Series from Viparspectra offers what its name suggests as a main feature: the ability to dim the output of the light on three channels:.

This features gives you an incredible amount of control on the spectral output of these lights. This article contains incorrect information. This article is missing information that I need.Meizhi and Viparspectra are two well established grow light manufacturers who are known to produce some of the best budget friendly, value from money grow lights.

Viparspectra in particular seems to have exploded in popularity recently, with many experienced growing including myself recommending their lights. Read on to find out. Both lights have the same actual wattage, with the Meizhi consuming marginally more electricity. However, that extra electricity draw could explain the additional PAR output that Meizhi manages to achieve over the Viparspectra, which is very impressive. However, the Viparspectra light offer a very generous warranty compared the the Meizhi which I think is a big plug point for it.

Read on for the pros and cons of both lights, as well as a detailed comparison of features. Both of the lights have the same actual wattage. I really like that they are marketed as watt grow lights and actually produce watts of power. You should never grow more than 8 plants under one grow light. Winner: DRAW TIP: For optimal growth, your plants should get roughly 50w of power per square meter, but you should never grow more than 8 plants under one grow light. Viparspectra outputs umols at 18 inches — this is usually how far away your light would be if your plants were flowering.

Meizhi, however, outputs an incredible umols at 18 inches. A good full spectrum LED grow light will provide your plants with every wavelength they need for optimal growth and yields.

UV Ultraviolet UV wavelengths cause cannabis plants to go into defence mode, which produces more THC IR infrared IR wavelengths are thought to penetrate deeper into your plants and lead to larger leaf size although this is heavily debated in the cannabis community The Viparspectra and Meizhi both have the perfect output of red and blue wavelenghts for the veg and flowering stages.

As mentioned above, these lights could both be improved with the addition of some UV lights for the flowering stage.

Winner: DRAW. For me, a good warranty is essential when buying a grow light. I bought a grow light a few years back that suddenly stopped turning on after 2 months.

viparspectra 600w grow journal

Needless to say, i was not happy. Viparspectra blows the Meizhi out of the water here with a 3 year warranty. Meizhi should really up their game here.Check out with various payment methods. Discreet packaging.

Free shipping. Fast delivery. Awesome customer support. With over 20 million happy customers, the reason to choose ViparSpectra is simple. The winner has been randomly chosen. Congratulations to Kevin Whitworth. We hope you will enjoy this complementary prize! Some personal Facebook accounts are faking themselves as ViparSpectra official account or employees by changing their names to ViparSpectra and using ViparSpectra's official avatar, logo and covers etc. Please do not trust them and do not tell them your private information!

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Thread starter Customcare Start date Jul 31, Tags defoiliating led lollipoping scrog viperspectra. Customcare Active Member. Hi all, I'm new to the forums here and have a grow I just started, hoping to get some advice for. Miracle grow organic soil and foxfarm trio.

I'm 3 weeks in now and mainly posting to see if these are on par with anyone else growing strictly LEDs. Plants were started from seed July 4th weekend and emerged around the 8th. I will likely begin to flower after the first week of August. My initial thoughts are the plans are too short yet to flower but the bushy growth says otherwise. Mainly just want to make sure my small space is utilized to its capacity.

Let me know your thoughts and any constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated. Last edited: Jul 31, Also forgot to mention that I have done some LST and fim'd some of the tops on the larger three plants.

Strain is also unknown but all look to be female and were taken from some very good bag seed. Cx2H Well-Known Member. Like that brand of LED but it will cover max 2ft sq.LED grow lights are becoming an increasingly popular choice for people growing plants indoors. The Viparspectra W LED grow light is an impressive package, providing excellent value and great performance for indoor gardeners.

Read customer reviews and check the price on Amazon. It will suit someone looking for a general purpose grow light, and is less suited to an advanced grower with very particular needs.

The unit is targeted at beginner and intermediate growers, and is pitched at a very competitive price. General feedback on results and reliability has been very good, and I think this would be an excellent option for a lot of people.

I chose the Viparspectra W to help me grow a range of vegetables and salad greens indoors all year round. Viparspectra produce a range of similar grow lights at different sizes and outputs. They also have models with built in timers and dimmers, but these are more expensive. The larger models within the reflector series are listed below.

I would have to say I was fairly impressed with the construction of this LED grow light. It feels solid, worked without any issues, and has given me no trouble over the last few months.

Viparspectra V600 600 Watt Led Grow Light Unboxing, Review, Quality Matters!

I also like the sleek design and it looks well in my growing area. I was a little skeptical about purchasing this grow light as it is towards the value end of the market. I was aware that there are some cheap LED grow lights on the market that are absolutely not worth buying.

However, I was generally impressed by the performance of this grow light. For anyone growing small numbers of plants and is on a budget, I think you will find the Viparspectra W to be an excellent option. You do need to be quite careful when purchasing an LED grow light, as there are numerous budget models which will not provide satisfactory performance. Equally, top of the range models can be considerably more expensive, and are likely to be more than a novice or intermediate indoor gardener may want to spend.

Thankfully, LED grow lights output significantly less heat that HID lights, and are generally more effective that fluorescent grow lights. As a result, you get the best of both worlds. While they do run much cooler, LED grow lights do still output some heat, so there is a built in fan to dissipate this heat.Viparspectra have created a low cost fixture with almost everything I like to see In a good led grow light.

In fact, like this grow light so much that I own two of them! As you can see from the table above, the Viparspectra outputs a significantly higher amount of actual watts than the other two and will replace a w HPS. Viparspectra is a well known Chinese grow light manufacturer based out of Guangdong and have been producing great value lights for many years now. The overall shade of the Reflector design series is more purple and pink. That means your plant will get a robust diet of healthy light at every stage of growth.

Along with this, if you are interested in having separate settings for vegetation and bloom only modes, then this new Viparspectra Reflector design series is perfect for you! As for light intensity, this unit records a PPFD from a height of 18 inches of uMol which is pretty impressive.

Just like not all food is healthy for the human body, not all light is healthy for your cannabis plant. The PAR output of a light source tells us how much of the light is actually providing healthy food to your plant. The company provides us with a clear explanation of the PAR value at various heights, so you can make sure your plant is getting the right amount of food every step of the way.

Note: Plants in the early part of the veg stage need a lower PAR value generally between and It also features an extended ,hour lifespan, which is more than the standard 50, hours offered by most LED grow lights. Although the Viparspectra v grow light is known for packing a punch of performance in a pretty small design, it really excels when it comes to cooling and coverage area ratio.

This coverage area size makes it the optimal size for an inside grow which is easily manageable without getting overwhelming. Another area where Viparspectra v has really hit the mark is the cooling. This model features upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks and state of the art high speed fans which do of an amazing job at heat dissipation while remaining near silent inside the recommended coverage area. Many other lights have poor heat sinks and no aluminum cooling which leads to poor dissipation, which can cause a handful of problems.

Many people of worried of fans constantly running and being annoying, but I personally along with many other reviews can confirm that you often think the fans are turned off because of how quiet they are. As mentioned above, power consumption is another giant plus for this model. This model only consumes watts, and this will save you a bunch of money in the long run! Along with this, Viparspectra states that the bulbs have a lifespan ofhours! Two of the coolest features of the V are the individual controls that allow you to customize your grow lights output according to which stage of the grow cycle your plants are at.

There are two switches on the back of the light: one for the vegetative stage of growth and another for the flowering stage. I love these switches as they will help save you that little bit extra on your electricity bill during the veg stage. This amount of coverage is plenty for a small grow setup with a few plants.

300w Viparspectra LED 2x3' tent grow in soil

If you need to light a larger space and want to maximize the PAR Output in your grow space, you can also buy multiples of this light and daisy-chain them together.

Daisy chaining allows you to plug one cord into your light and run it directly to a second light, like a link, which allows you to minimize the number of cords running in and out of your grow space and improve your coverage area. The company is one of the most popular manufacturers of grow lights for indoor cannabis growing and has been a fan favorite for years. The V comes with everything you need to get started as soon as you unpack it. Is the packaging discreet? If you purchase from Amazon, the light will come in a standard brown Amazon box.

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